Climbing Toys for 3 Year Olds

climbing toys for 3 year olds

Climbing toys for 3 year olds must be challenging enough for your child’s budding motor skills, but safe and sturdy to give him plenty of freedom to explore. As parents ourselves, we understand the desire to find a product that is safe, durable and interesting enough for kids to enjoy. In this article, we feature six quality climbing toys for 3 year olds that are highly rated.

Climbing Toys for 3 Year Olds

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1. Climber with Slide from Little Tikes:

climbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year olds3 year old climber with slide

Bright and cheerful, this Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber is a good transition from a young toddler play experience to an older toddler climbing adventure. Climbing toys for 3 year olds should have a bit of thrill while still being sensitive to the child’s maturing motor skills, and this one embraces those qualities. The red slide is 40 inches and has a decent angle creating that bit of thrill when they get to have a longer slide down, and the wavy side rails provide something to grip for your child to steady himself.  The walls are made to be sturdy and high and enclose two sides of the climber leaving an opening for the slide and a wider opening in the back. Your child will enjoy the challenge of climbing the platforms to get to the top, which is a unique feature of this climber, platforms instead of a ladder. Below the platforms and under the slide make up the “hide” part of this climber. He can crawl under and over and wiggle in-between and use the climber as a fort, or maybe throw a blanket over the top and make it a two-story hideout (with adult supervision, of course).  Dimensions are 45.25 inches high, by 66 inches long, and 56.5 inches deep. The manufacturer recommended age is 24 months to 6 years. Click here to purchase.

2. Step 2 Climber and Slide:

climbing toys for 3 year oldclimbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year olds

You will get a little bit of everything with this Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber– a ladder with four steps, climbing walls, lookout platform with 2 steering wheels and an optional sandbox underneath! The slide is 45 inches long leading to the 27 inch platform. The sandbox area underneath is open to the ground, so you can decide if you want to put sand there based on where you place the climber, although with or without sand it will make a great fort for the kids. One benefit of this climber is that it can be used indoors. It’s made to be assembled and reassembled and designed with a sophisticated look to blend in with a more grown-up surrounding. The manufacturer recommended age is 2 years and up with a maximum weight of 240 pounds. Dimensions are 53.75 inches high by 47 inches wide and 81.5 inches deep. Click here to buy now.

3. Double Slide Climber:

climbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year olds

Your 3 year old will enjoy getting to choose which slide she will go down! The Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber will win her heart with the two slides and platforms at different heights, climbing wall, underneath hideout, 3 step ladder, steering wheel and fun design. This climber can work indoors or outdoors and can hold a maximum weight of 180 pounds, making this a nice climber to have when her friends come over to play. The smaller slide is 36 inches and the larger slide is 45.5 inches, and there are plenty of hand holds available for safety. The manufacturer recommended ages are 2 to 6 years. Total dimensions are 84 inches long by 61 inches tall and 53 inches wide. Click here to purchase.

4. Tree Top Climber and Slide by ECR4Kids:

climbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year olds

Whimsical and inviting, this climber will give your child the feeling of being in a treehouse. There are two wood-looking ladders on either side of the climber that lead to the platform and allow your child to slide down the wavy slide. Underneath the platform is a multipurpose table that can be switched to become a sand pit. The sturdy bench has a backrest, or flip it over to make it a back-less, curved bench to use with the table. Kids can climb and slide and then take a break for lunch at the tree top climber’s table, read a book while sitting on the bench, or play in the sand pit. Of note, it is recommended to fill this climber with sand to make it stable. Manufacturer recommended age is 3 to 8 years, and it holds up to 220 lbs. Measurements are 78.74 inches deep by 49.20 long and 54.70 inches tall. Click here to purchase.

5. Little Tikes Rock Climber with Slide:

climbing toys for 3 year oldsclimbing toys for 3 year olds

So much to see and do! Climbing walls, tunnels, slide, steering wheel, telescope the list goes on and the fun will explode for your 3 year old. The climbing walls are the unique feature of this Little Tikes Rock Climber and Slide. There are actually three areas for climbing–two large walls for toddlers and one wall with a more challenging partial climb for older kids. The large walls have good climbing holds and easy to find foot holds and the rocks can be reconfigured for variety. The slide is 48 inches in length and can be adjusted low or high. There are three crawl through tunnels that make the climber feel like a castle playhouse, and the attached telescope and steering wheel will stir your child’s imagination. The manufacturer recommended ages are 2 to 6 years. Dimensions are 62.00 inches long by 58 inches wide and 88.00 inches high. Click here to buy.

6. Compact Climber and Slide:

climbing toys for 3 year olds

If you’re looking for climbing toys for 3 year olds and hope to have space for your grown-up furniture too, this could be an option for you. Compact, but still great fun, the ECR4Kids Climb and Slide Vibrant Playset has all the elements of a good climber. Your child can climb up the sturdy walls, climb through the openings, stand on the platform, slide down or make a playhouse out of the inside. The slide is reversible, so if you need a bit of variety turn it over for stairs. This is an easy to assemble climber that is good for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for kids ages 3-7, it measures 66.75 inches in length, in 33 width and 39.75 in height. Click here to buy.


The smiles you see on your child’s face as she climbs and explores is priceless. This is why in this post, we featured unique climbing toys for 3 year olds that inspire imagination and allow for hours of play. If you are looking for more models and styles, please this page as well. Be sure to also browse our articles Step 2 Toddler Slide, Little Tikes Playset with Slide, Step 2 Big Climber with Slideand Step 2 Climber Slide for more featured climbers and slides.

Step 2 Climber Slide

step 2 climber slide

Step 2 climbers with slides are known for their quality, durability and imaginative options. Made of quality plastic, these climbers won’t rust and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Below, we feature several Step 2 climber-slide combos that are some of the best-selling in their class.

Step 2 Climber and Slide List

All of these climbers have been highly rated by parents. You can click the photos and links in the descriptions to purchase and for more information. Scroll over the first photo of each climber for current prices.

1. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse:

Designed specifically for toddlers, this climber has a ladder and slide that is easy to access. The platform is 19 inches from the ground, giving the child a sure footing when refining his or her climbing skills. It also features a working periscope that turns 180 degrees and a roof that provides shade during outdoor play. The dimensions are 66 inches long, by 25 inches wide and 57.5 inches tall. Click here to buy.

2. Step2 Castle Top Mountain Climber:

step 2 climber slide

This fun climber works well with older toddlers and preschoolers. It features large slide and two rock climbing walls. The inside of the climber works as a “club house” or “fort” with benches all around for hours of fun play. The guard rails at the top also work as crawl-through bars. The climber is 61.5 inches tall by 61 inches wide. Click here to purchase.

3. Step 2 Game Time Sports Climber:

step 2 climber slidestep 2 climber with slidestep 2 climber slide

This Step2 climber and slide for toddlers features a climbing wall, basketball hoop, and crawl-though openings that double as soccer goals. It includes multi-sport ball. It is currently the number one selling climber at under the category of “playground climbers.” Weight limit is 60 lbs, so it works for both toddlers and preschoolers. Click here to buy.

4. Step2 Woodland Climber:

large climber and slide step 2step2 climber slidestep2 climber and slide

This climber and slide has a large platform that can hold more than one child, a ladder, two steering wheels, and two climbing walls. The area under the platform can double as a sandbox as well. Recommended ages are 2-8 years. It measures 75 inches long, 47 inches wide and 53.8 inches tall. Click here to purchase.

5. Step2 Climber with Slide:

small climber with slidestep2 climber and slide for toddlerstep2 climber slidestep2 climber with slide

The final climber on our list would work great in a smaller room, since it is 52.5 inches long, 33.2 inches wide and 43.5 inches tall. The weight limit is 100 lbs, so it can hold several kids at a time. It features stairway holes, a crawl through tunnel underneath, arch-way and slide. The platform is enclosed by a railing for safe play. Click here to purchase and for more details.


Climbers with slides are great in promoting imagination, creativity and a way for toddlers to use their energy. In this post, we highlighted five of the most popular Step 2 Climbers with Slides available. For more models and a larger selection, click here.

We also feature several indoor slides in our post Indoor Slide for Toddler and several indoor climbers for toddlers in our other article, Indoor Toddler Climbing ToysIf you have any questions or comments, be sure to write us at our contact page.

Step 2 Big Climber With Slide

step 2 big climber with slide

Step 2 Big climbers with slide are designed to last and provide a great way for kids to use their energy and imagination. In this post, we highlight several Step 2 climbers that are unique, highly rated, and guaranteed to give your child hours of fun play.

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Step2 Big Climbers With Slide

You can click on the photos and links in the descriptions to purchase and learn more about each climber. For current prices, scroll over the first photo of each climber.

1. Step2 Woodland Adventure Playhouse with Slide:
step 2 big climber with slide
This versatile climber includes a fun slide, a play house, and a sand box. Built for children 36 months to 8 years of age, this play set is compact enough to fit in smaller yards. Dimensions are 72.6 inches high by 65.25 inches wide and 84.25 inches long. It has a weight limit of 181 lbs. on the climber and 75 lbs. on the swings. Click here to purchase.

2. Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber:

step 2 big climber with slidestep 2 big climber with slide step 2 big climber with slidestep 2 big climber with slide

Featuring two slides, this Step2 big climber can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has two tiers in the platform for each slide and easy to climb built-in ladders. The climbing wall has larger holes that allow for safe climbing. Recommended ages are 2 to 6 years of age, and the weight limit is 150 lbs.  It is 61 inches high, 53 inches wide, and 84 inches deep. Click here to buy and for more details.

3. Step2 Clubhouse Climber:

step 2 big climber with slidestep 2 big climber with slide

This multi-activity climber has two slides, a bridge, a clubhouse with steering wheel, crawl-through tunnels, and lookout tower. The maximum weight limit per user is 60 lbs with a total weight limit of 240 lbs. The platform is 24 inches from the ground, and the slides are 27 inches from the ground. It is designed for children 2 years and up. Dimension are 70 inches high, 137 inches long, and  91.5 inches wide where the second slide is located. Click here to purchase.

4. Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber with Slide:

step 2 big climber with slide toddlerstep 2 big climber with slide toddlerstep 2 big climber with slide

This Step2 Big climber with slide features 2 steering wheels, two rock climbing walls, a sure-step ladder, and room underneath the platform for an optional sandbox. It can be used indoors or outdoors. The platform is 22 inches by 39.5 inches, with the total dimensions being 75 inches long by 47 inches wide by 53.8 inches tall. The recommended ages are 2-8 years. Click here to buy and for more details.

5. Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center:

step2 big climber with slide clubhousestep 2 climber with slide largestep 2 climber for preschooler slide
Combination climber and clubhouse, this play set has a fun activity wall includes a ring toss and a hoop and loop ball target.  It features a larger slide (4 ft. long), crawl-through tunnel, a picnic table with built-in counter top and seats, and a dutch door entrance. The dimensions are 63.5 inches tall, 84 inches wide, and 58 inches deep. Click here to purchase.


Step2 climbers are known for their quality, durability, and options. In this post, we featured five Step2 big climbers with slide that are some of the best in their categories. For more models, click here.

We also feature Little Tikes climbers with slides in our article Little Tikes Playset with Slide, as well as several other sizes of Step2 climbers in our post Step 2 Climber with Slide