Indoor Slide for Toddler

indoor slide for toddler
Indoor slides for toddlers provide a great way for them to explore and use their boundless energy. As parents of toddlers ourselves, we are looking for toys that are safe and sturdy for them to do so. In this post, we feature five indoor slides for toddlers that are highly rated and great for little ones.

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Six Indoor Slides for Toddlers

Most of these indoor slides below can be used either inside or outside. Click the photos or the links in the description to buy and to find out more information. For up to date prices, scroll over the first photo of each item.

1. Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym:

indoor slide for small childindoor slide for babyindoor slide for toddler

This indoor slide for toddlers is much more than a slide. Built in the shape of a fire truck, it also engages the imagination as it has a “drivable” steering wheel, a movable stop sign, buttons and clickers in the dashboard, and the wheels spin to show letter, colors, numbers and letters. The slide is 18 inches tall, which is ideal for toddlers. Recommended ages are 18 months to 4 years and requires a simple assembly. Click here to purchase.

2. Baby Joy Folding Slide:
indoor slide for toddler
This classic slide for toddlers and kids has wide steps and large handrails for safe climbing. Made of durable plastic, this slide works both outdoors and indoors. It requires an easy adult assembly with not tools needed. An added bonus is that it folds for easy storage. Click here to buy and for more details.

3. Little Tikes First Slide:

This slide is the number one best selling slide in at the moment. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is taller than some of the other slides on our list. It stands 23 inches at the seat and can be folded easily for storage. It comes in two styles as pictured, although the light blue and green model is more expensive than the blue and red (hover over the photos for current prices). Click here to purchase and for more information.

4. Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center:

toddler indoor slideindoor slides for toddlersindoor slide for toddler

This combination slide and activity center is perfect for young toddlers. The platform is 6.5 inches from the ground, and it includes a bat and basketball. It also has a basketball hoop and a tethered baseball. This indoor toddler slide would work best for children 2.5 years old and younger, however, as it would be too small for three year olds and older. Click here to buy.

5. Molded Toddler Ramp (Slide):

indoor slide for toddler

This unique toddler slide has the added advantage of an adjustable height. The slide can be set to either 14 inches or 17 inches, and no tools are needed to assemble.  It has sturdy handles and step to ensure safety. Click here to purchase and to see more details.


An indoor slide for a toddler can add hours of fun, not to mentioned the development of their motor skills. In this post, we featured several highly rated slides of different sizes and types. Our goal is to give you a sample of what’s available. For even more options, click here.

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