Foam Climbing Blocks for Babies

foam climbing blocks for babies

Foam climbing blocks for babies are not only safe, but also fun and bring out the creativity in babies and toddlers. In this post, we highlight six climbing blocks and playsets for babies and young toddlers that have been highly rated by parents.

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Foam Climbing Blocks for Babies

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1. 12 Piece Foam Block Set:

foam climbing blocks for babies

Can you imagine the excitement your toddler or preschooler might have to discover a giant tower of large, brightly colored blocks just waiting to be toppled down with superhero strength? These blocks will not only bring imagination to life for your child, but it will also create a sense of ease as you can feel confident about the softness and safety of these blocks. No splinters, no pointy edges and a wipe-clean vinyl make these blocks a go-to for playtime. Dimensions are 11 inches by 11 inches by 16 inches. Click here to purchase.

2. Inchworm Foam Block Climber:
foam climibing blocks for babies
Your budding architect will feel accomplished as she creates an endless number of structures and games using these soft foam blocks. The set includes 4 squares (6 in. by 6in. by 6 in.),  and 2 end pieces.  Measures 36 inches when lined up as in the photo above. The manufacturer recommends these blocks for ages 1 and above. They are sturdy enough that a preschooler can sit on them without crushing them, which also makes for fun sitting during storytime or an exciting round of “musical chairs.” Made of durable, polyurethane foam covered in phthalate-free vinyl, it is easy to clean. Click here to buy.

3. 4 Foam Stackable Foto Blocks:

foam blocks babies toddlers photofoam blocks photo babies toddler babyfoam blocks for babies toddlers

These unique blocks not only create fun for your baby (and maybe a chance for mom to finally sip on that cup of coffee), but also is great for her developing brain. Babies love to see human faces, and the surprise and excitement your baby will have as she finds grandma’s smiling face, her own sweet photo or the family dog with his pink tongue will have her studying and connecting warm feelings with the photos she sees. They are cloth-covered foam blocks with vinyl photo pockets, surface washable and will hold 24 photos. The slots for the photos are 3.5 inches by 2. inches. Infants will especially love black and white photos and high color contrasts. As your child gets older, you can also use these blocks to play alphabet or site word games. 4 Foam Stackable Foto Blocks

4. Climbing Blocks for Toddlers:
climbing blocks for babies
With these blocks, your child can build to his or her heart’s content! One awesome feature about these play blocks is the soft, foam padding that covers them.  A young child that is still wobbly on his feet can have a safe zone to practice standing and crawling all while meeting his or her need to discover and explore.  Recommended for ages 1-3, there are 8 blocks (8 in by 8 in by 8 in), 2 blocks (16 in by 16 in by 4 inch), and 4 pieces (16 in by 16 in by 8 in). They are available in primary colors, contemporary (pictured above) and earth tones. Click here to buy.

5. Foam Climbing Blocks (Various Shapes):

If there’s one thing a young child needs, it’s a safe place to practice standing, walking and moving. This activity climber is especially useful for a child ages 1-3 who is learning to stand and develop his motor skills. The sturdy foam and soft edges allow your child to pull himself up and encourages his muscle movements as he attempts to reach and play with the included shapes and angles. Click here to purchase.

6. Soft Zone Climbing Blocks (Various Colors):

Kids light up when they see toys they can climb and play on. This playset not only looks inviting, but also has the much needed soft edges and padded floor to help keep your little adventurer safe. This SoftSpace Play Center is intended to encourage climbing, crawling and social interaction to give your baby and her little friends a fun, safe place to move and explore. The foam shapes are sturdy enough for a baby to pull up on, and the phthalate-free vinyl is easy to wipe clean. Recommended for ages 6 months – 2 years.  Click here to buy.


Foam climbing blocks for babies and foam climbers provide the benefits of creativity, mobility and discovery for your child while ensuring safety. In this post, we featured six different foam climbing blocks and climbers that have proven to be fun, safe, and versatile. For even more models and brands, click here.

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